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ASH Fencing is the one of the leading providers of residential and domestic fencing services for Preston and the surrounding areas, providing each of one of our customers a low cost service that delivers excellent results.

Whether it be arched panels, close boarded arched panels, close boarded flat panels or any other type of garden fencing, we have the right fencing for you at a price that's right too!

To contact us at ASH Fencing please click on the link below or call Andy on 01772 731805  or via 07518 457615 alternatively click Contact Us


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ASH Fencing have hundreds of satisfied customers, so whether it be new fencing you require to be erected, replacement of existing fencing or simply repairing damaged fencing, ASH Fencing guarantee to have the right solution for you.

From contemporary designs to more rustic feel, our expertise is at your disposal and we are always at hand to give expert advice on how to best fulfil your requirements.

To read just what our customers have to say about us, please click on the link below. Testimonies


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